Explore Qatar

Qatar can be described as a true oasis of the Middle East. With a peninsular from just about the size of Massachusetts, Qatar just nearly one hundred miles out into the sparkling blue waters of the Persian Gulf with miles upon miles of beautiful sand beaches.

This ultimate luxury destination in the twenty-first century is providing a unique blend of western and Arabic influences amid contemporary settings. It is one of the safest countries in the world and ranked 12th in the Global Peace Index in 2012. 

The shining jewel of Qatar, Doha, is a multicultural city, home to most of the country's population as well as expatriate communities from a range of origins. This modern and economic center has excellent communications with the outside world through its modern seaport and airport. And As Doha is the largest city in Qatar, there is an infinite amount of things to do and see!

Yes, there are sand dunes, desert excursions and ancient rock carvings, but its charms are almost entirely contemporary and Qatar's essence is found in Doha, with its fantastic architecture and rush to embrace the modern & luxury.